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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Not Quite

But I still managed about 2500 words a day, which is pretty respectable output when I'm not under the whip of my muse. When you subtract the two days where I had an output of approximately nil (one celebrating X-mas with my Mom, the other X-mas with the in-laws), I actually made my 3500 word/day goal. The counter stands at 91%, and I think that my initial word count estimate may in fact be pretty damn close for once. I didn't finish the draft, but we're clearly at the point where when I get to the right point I can turn it in.

Notice though, I didn't say "end." unlike Hostile Takeover, Apotheosis doesn't quite lend itself to three independent chunks the way that trilogy did. This one is going to be a bit of a cliffhanger.


RaveBomb said...

Congratulations on achieving your goals!

S Andrew Swann said...


One thing that's been personally helpful to me in terms of goal achievement is actually this blog. Publicly announcing your goals gives an extra oomph toward completing them.

It's also why I maintain these counters on project progress. Less likely to slack off if my wife, my editor, and everyone in my writer's workshop can see me slacking off.

Martinus said...


I passed the news of the impending completion on to a friend of mine (huge fan of the Moreau and HO trilogies), and got a "Niiiice!!" back. :-)

Martin, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Yes, the counter makes it much easier to crack that whip! :) -Michelle