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Friday, January 18, 2008

We have a novel

Or a third of a trilogy. Final verbiage until editorial revisions kick in: 95,859. Since rewrites for me always go long, Prophets will probably be 100K words when it hits the shelves. I've retired the counter, and adjusted the word count for the trilogy as a whole so that Prophets is actually 1/3 of the total.

Yea me!

I now have a long weekend ahead filled with a buttload of SF movies and office furniture assembly.


Michelle said...


Kris Johnson said...

Congratulations on wrapping up another novel, sir, and do take your time with edits, as I'm rather behind on my reading (Emperor's of Twilight is the next Swann novel on my reading list).

I really wish I'd known about the CWRU Film Society Science Fiction Marathon before today; I should pay more attention to such things. Enjoy, and please do tell us what the Surprise movies turn out to be!

Martinus said...

YAAAAY!!! Congratulations!!

There's one happy boy in Sweden who'll sleep better tonight knowing that the not-too-distant future holds another book set in the same world as the Moreau and Hostile Takeover series. :-)

Thanks a million, Sir, you really made my day!!

Martin, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. The Hostile Takeover trilogy is one of my favourites. And I have a couple thousand sci-fi novels. *cough*

The crazier the better, too. Please don't be afraid to mangle characters per whim.

Will it be published as a trade paperback, perchance?