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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Projects and Counters and Stuff

It's a new year and I've revised my project counters. I have ditched the counter for The Unicorns of Hunting Valley because it seems very unlikely I'll be able to justify getting back to it any time in the near future. (As in, any time in 2008.)

I've added a counter for book 2 in the Apotheosis Trilogy, which, barring catastrophe, should be done some time this upcoming year.

I've also added a counter for the book two in the Wolfbreed series.

Note, some title changes here. I've talked with Anne Groell at Bantam and it looks as if "Wolfbreed" will be the title for the series-- which makes sense given how I intend to follow the book up going forward.

So the first book, which up to now I've been calling "Wolfbreed" will actually be printed under the title "Wolfbreed:[something else I need to think up]." I'll post here when I have a clue what the final title will be.

And, if you're curious, book two is set in 14th century Poland.