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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Muse Done Beat Me Up. . .

You might notice a brand new counter in the sidebar. No, I didn’t change the title of something, I just had the experience (last Friday in fact) of my muse coming round, slapping me on the back of the head and screaming in my ear;

“NO! You’re going to write THIS! NOW! Move it, maggot!”

And I’ve done this long enough to know that when she gets bitchy and insistent, I do whatever she says. So I’ve been obsessing and writing a novel furiously ever since. I’m over 10K words into it, and the idea for this is less than a week old. This, while I’m still working and putting OT into the day job. Another few days, my wife might file a missing person’s report. . .

This book is going to mark several firsts for me. It’ll be the first real dark fantasy I’ve done— as opposed to horror set in a contemporary or historical setting. It’s also the first fantasy I’ve done without the crutch of having at least one POV character with a contemporary origin.

I’ll keep you all posted.