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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why Mixing Religion and Government is Bad

Sudan doesn't like your teddy bears.

Britain's foreign secretary said he was "very concerned" about the case of a UK teacher who was in court Thursday, facing charges of offending religion by allowing a teddy bear to be named "Mohammed."

Not only is is an appalling case of "let's persecute the westerner" but by their own laws the children in the class should be getting arrested because they're the ones who named the effing bear.

And frankly the "she should have known" apologists should realize that, just because you know a State is going to be intolerant, abusive, arbitrary and totalitarian doesn't excuse the State's behavior.


aeros51 said...

[begin sarcasm] Don't be too hard on them since they seem to be "moderate" in their extremism as they don't impose the penalty of stoning her to death for not accepting her correct place in their society as both a dhimmi and a woman. [end sarcasm]

Pushed a lot of buttons of mine on this one and the above is the result.

RobRoy said...

This morning, I understand, the Sudanese took to the streets to protest the verdict. Not that they felt the verdict was too harsh, mind you, but rather they were offended that she wasn't hung.

I'm uncertain if the protesters were actual "concerned citizens" or government sponsored riotors.

quazipseudo said...


i'm muslim, and i totally agree. i never ever ever wish to live under an "islamic" government. god bless the good old usa.

the hamster formerly known as jack