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Friday, November 30, 2007

On looking stupid, clueless, and unprofessional. . .

SFWA is becoming an on-line spectator sport. I'm not going to go into too much depth here, as the bandwidth expended on this is already reaching critical mass. I'll only comment by posing the following rhetorical question:

If the chair of your e-piracy committee screws up so bad that it makes your whole organization look like of bunch of myopic Luddite fossils and causes you to throw said committee under the bus, and then you impanel a bunch of respected writer-type folks to draft recommendations on how to fix the problems, is it a wise move to then, to all appearance, just take said recommendations, file them, and re-constitute the same e-piracy committee with the same leadership with the same obsessions?

I make no comments on the merits, but I'll just make the observation that in some situations, making yourself look as if you're stupid, clueless, arrogant and unprofessional is tantamount to actually being stupid, clueless, arrogant and unprofessional. Appearances count, and this looks really bad.