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Friday, November 23, 2007

10 Things I learned this Thanksgiving

  1. When you put 2 leaves in our dining-room table it doesn't fit in a 10x11 dining room.
  2. The standard 8 pc. place setting that most of us get for a weeding gift will be inadequate once you start hosting the extended family for holidays, it is good to have a spare one.
  3. Despite what it says on the tablecloth, a 144-inch table can only comfortably seat 10 people. If you have more than that, break out the card table.
  4. One thing conservatives and liberals can agree on: Pumpkin Cheesecake. Mmmmm.
  5. Even if you plan on people being late, they will show up later.
  6. If at all possible, get your Chocolate Lab a 12-year old girl.
  7. A 23lb turkey is at the outer theoretical limit of our roasting pan.
  8. A 23lb turkey is a effing huge bird.
  9. Carving on a card table is not recommended procedure.
  10. When she can get enough time off of work on a holiday, my wife can cook one kick-ass turkey.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, honey - it was nice only having to work until noon this year. Gave me the whole rest of the day to cook. Michelle