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Friday, March 07, 2008

Please explain this

I just saw a guy wearing a snowsuit that was hunter orange camouflage.

What's the point?


Michelle said...

Well, City Boy, animals don't see color like we do, so therefore the camoflage, even in hunter orange, works. The guy is not trying to hide from you, he's trying to hide from a deer. The hunter orange is because he legally must wear 100 sq. inches of hunter orange while hunting.

I need to get you off the computer and outside more......

S Andrew Swann said...

Ok, that makes a lot of sense when deer-hunting.

However, since the guy was snow-blowing the driveway in the middle of the city, I still don't quite see the necessity.

Michelle said...

I think this computer has fried your brain. His hunting suit was the warmest thing he had to wear and those of us the work outside know that today was a good day to stay warm.