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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In case you're wondering

Now that I finished the unscheduled spec novel (the first draft anyway) I am now in the throes of doing an editorial rewrite on Wolfbreed #1 (did I mention I need titles?) which will probably take me through mid-April (tax day, wheee). After that's done the plan is now to attack the second book of Apotheosis, and then Wolfbreed #2 (Did I mention, yeah, I think I did.) and then finish off Apotheosis.

Since what I laid out there is about 18 months work, and a lot can happen in a year and a half, this probably only has a marginal relation to reality. But the upshot is, I'm in re-write land, so we won't have any counters moving for a month or so.


aeros51 said...

Titles for the Wolfbreed series seem to be a theme for the past several "writing" posts. Wolfbreed 1 sounds fine to me, but I can't say that I have much experience with romance literature titles (Pride and Prejudice is about all of my experience to date with the genre). Good luck with the rewrite... and finding a title.