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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Case Study in Bloated Idiocy (and love of cake)

You all might know Whatever, John Scalzi’s Blog, one of the 800 pound gorillas of the SF blogosphere. It’s the kind of place where just posting a comment will drive your own blog traffic up just from internet backwash. Unpopular it is not.

So presume Mr. Scalzi should take umbrage to an article you’ve written on the internet. Presume further that he takes enough umbrage to post a humorous deconstruction of your fallacious thinking. What would be the proper response?

  1. Post a witty reply thanking Mr. Scalzi for driving traffic to your ramblings.
  2. Comment by leaving a well-reasoned defense of your thesis.
  3. Post a flailing, inarticulate, and sophomoric ejaculation of banal invective attacking Scalzi and those who read his blog as a “bunch of reactionary, misguided Anmericans [sic] blinded by your own bloated idiocy, and love of cake.”
If your name is Ben Myers, a low-rent wannabe member of the cutting-edge European literati, the answer is a resounding “3.”

What is really amusing is how his attitude morphs as he slowly realizes what he’s stepped into. He obviously thought that, just by posting his infantilism, the unwashed masses would be awed that this literary light compared “to the likes of Charles Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson and JP Donleavey” (to quote from his self-authored Wikipedia entry) would deign to present himself. Near the end, he begins to twig on to the fact he’s made an ass of himself in front of more people than have probably read his books.


RobRoy said...

For the record, I don't like cake, and tried to avoid it, even at my wedding. ;-)

74 said...

While wandering through the comments on John's post, I saw your name and came over here. Just wanted to say I've been a fan since I read the Moreau series. Keep up the good work.