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Monday, July 02, 2007

Agents Is Win

My search for a new agent has borne fruit! I have secured the representation of Elanor Wood at the Spectrum Literary Agency. Wohoo! I now get to say I have the same agent as Larry Niven and Robert Heinlein (ok, his estate, but still!) both of whom count (perhaps non-coincidentally) as some of the biggest influences on my development as a writer. (Mack Reynolds and Robert Anton Wilson belong on that list too, which helps to explain my weird politics.)

This means the completion of my first step on the path to world domination. For those interested, here is the overall plan:

Step 1: Secure Literary Representation.
Step 2: ...
Step 3: World Domination.
Of course, we're ironing out step two at the moment.


RobRoy said...

Congrats! I'm glad to hear that this process is finally complete and we'll be seeing more of your work in the future.

Have you ever documented the process of finding an agent?

S Andrew Swann said...

I may put up a post reflecting my (limited) experience in the matter.

RobRoy said...

That would be great. If I could, might I request an example of good query letters. You're dissection of the bad query letter was great.

Camron said...

Good on you! Even after (what is it? 17?) being published, you have to be silly-happy about this. I would be, and I'm not a writer, just a reader (subhuman, in many circles). But it's a terrific moment, and I'm genuinely happy for you.

S Andrew Swann said...

1) You're right it's 17
2) I'm mega-silly-happy
3) Anyone who disses readers- in whatever circles- has sorta missed the point on this whole writing thing ;)