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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The NY Times covers election issues of substance

And then they cover this. (via Scalzi)

You know, I'm enough of a geek to actually be interested in fonts in and of themselves. But tying them into campaign coverage gives me a hefty dose of WTF.

And I give the irregular-weekly asshat award to Seymour Chwast who managed to turn font aesthetics into a partisan smackdown:

Optima is one of the worst pre-computer typefaces ever designed. It was created to satisfy everybody’s needs. A straightforward, no-nonsense, no-embellishment face, it comes in regular and bold but little character can be found in either weight.

Optima is not inappropriate for use by Senator McCain.


Michelle said...

I don't know, I think he did McCain a favor. Personally, I'd LOVE to see a President elected that had a "straight-forward, no-nonsense, no-embellishment" attitude towards governing the country, both in economics AND defense.

Besides, who takes the NYT seriously anymore? Most of the political stuff I've read in it has been so full of mis-information and made up "facts" that it's more humor than serious coverage.