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Monday, April 14, 2008

The government can't even pander to me correctly.

Economic stimulus, YEA!

But, please note the oddity in the following scenario:

I do my taxes, and per usual, am cutting the Government a honking big check. So we're in the position of sending them about $2500 (over and above what we've given them to date) so they can give us $1200. Can someone please tell me why these dipwads at the IRS could not include a little box on the 1040 that said "please debit my rebate bribe from my current tax due the amount you're already extorting from me."

This gives me the same WTF headache I get when I hear anyone talking about taxing any government benefit. (Here's a thought, just hand out that much less and the net effect is the same, and you cut down on paperwork and bureaucracy. . .)

So they force me to give them money when they'll just hand it back to me. Well, that stimulus is going right back in August's estimated tax payment. That'll show them.


Steve Buchheit said...

Because the forms were printed October-December and the rebate plan wasn't even discussed until late December and approved in late January? (See discussion on rolling back the AMT, needed to have that approved by the end of November so it could be incorporated and trained for)

Yeah, I know, it was a rhetorical question. My bad.