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Friday, February 08, 2008

And this week's asshat is...

Hong Kong Actor Edison Chen. Who, through a critical mass of sleaze and stupidity worthy of certain toe-taping senators is embroiled in an internet sex scandal. Apparently Mr. Chen liked to watch himself, so he took pictures of himself getting busy with a bunch of actresses. Ok, I'm a Libertarian, I don't have a problem with consenting adults filming themselves.

My problem with Mr. Chen starts with the fact that he apparently liked to share these pictures without the consent of his partners, and worse, he had the bonehead stupidity to leave these 1000+ dirty pictures on his laptop's hard-drive (God does that sound dirty) when he sent it in to get it serviced. (Eww, that's even worse.)

Here's a clue to all you celebs out there. The techs working on your computer are going to look at your photos— You're a fucking celebrity!

So these photos found their way on to the internet, and Chen's all dumbfounded, first denying it all ("they're all photoshopped!") and now all tearful and apologetic saying, "The lives of many innocent people have been hurt by this malicious and criminal conduct and in this regard I'm filled with pain, hurt and frustration." The malicious conduct he refers to in this case is posting the pics on the web. And the fact that he includes himself with the "innocent victims" is just gag inducing.

(Thanks to Mrs Giggles.)


RaveBomb said...

I'm having a hard time with this one. First there is the non concentual picture taking and personal sharing around with select friends. Ok, that's a no-no and maybe a little whacked.

But what about the techs? When did it become part of their job description to search the computer for personal documents and upload them to the internet?

S Andrew Swann said...

No, the techs are in the wrong. But enough people get convicted of child porn sending their PC's to the shop, you'd think someone like Chen would know better.