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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My obsolescence, let me show you it

Instead of waxing poetic about all the really cool things I got for x-mas, I thought I'd collect all the stuff sitting in my office that used to be really cool. Remember, eventually that iPhone's going to join this little montage:

We got here on top, the Ultimate Doom, which needed 5 whole disks to install. We have the first iPod, pre-windows, with 5 gigs of storage and a firewire connection that will fit no current iPod accessories. In the middle there we have two flash drives 32MB and 128MB. On the right there we have one of the first smart phones, a Nokia 3650, with a Symbian OS that had a Commodore 64 emulator on it before it died. On the bottom there we have the last word in 20th Century unreliable mass storage, a couple of Iomega Zip disks that hold a whole 100 Megs.


Tromper said...

Think you're cool, eh?

Yeah well, buddy.

I've got some Star Control 2 disks, a hooked up Atari 2600, sans the E.T. cart as the Smithsonian was persistent, and so many Garbage Pail Kids cards that tens of thousands of middle school teachers fell prey to my smuggling and dealing.

To no avail.

Of course, all of this is in a basement safe surrounded by broken laser pens.

iPod indeed. *sneer*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you two should be bonding over Diet Coke and a Commodore 64.... - Michelle

Anonymous said...

Every time I see or hear of Zip discs, I can't help but be reminded by the last, desperate, post-Y2K grasp at retaining any shred of marketshare for that flash-in-a-pan technology. They had the nerve to say that Zip discs were more archival than recordable CDs because a CD can get scratched. Scratches are a heck of a lot easier to buff out than "demagnetized", and a lot of modern drives won't even notice th em in the first place (I know my old basic DVD player is way more finicky than my DVD recorder, or the DVD-RW drives in either of my computers).