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Saturday, October 27, 2007

When book covers do it right

Working on Apotheosis (going well, thank you for asking) I've found myself digging in my old notes for Hostile Takeover. And I found a little sketch I made of the character Flower, when I was figuring out what the Volerans looked like.

Now I'm not a very good artist (I was a lot better before I decided to concentrate on writing some 20 years ago) but I thought it was a neat example of how sometimes a cover artist can actually tap into what the author was thinking. (Opposed to my prior post on book covers.)

Here's my little sketch:

And here's a detail of the cover of Profiteer, (one of my favorite book covers after the one for Dwarves) showing the same character:

The cool thing, Jim Burns never saw the sketch I made, he was going off of my description in the book. That was pretty cool.

I just wish he hadn't made Tetsami (a short Asian woman) look like a pissed of Sigourney Weaver.


aeros51 said...

I thought that the blue lady was a distorted image of Shane. I guess I don't have the vision thing.

S Andrew Swann said...

Well, that then leaves the question who's in the powered armor on the back side of the cover. . .

Then, again, the person in the powered armor does look Asian.

Wht do I know, I just wrote the thing .