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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well, this is ironic. . .

Sometimes you come across news that so twisted in recursive levels of self-parody that you cannot even express an opinion on it, you just have to sit back and say, "gee that's f__ked up."

Case in point, this series of events, the latest of which I found thanks to a post on the SF Site blog:

The SFWA e-piracy committee overreaches in demanding a laundry-list of items taken off a website because of copyright violations. Some items turn out to be perfectly legit, including some work by Cory Doctrow released under a Creative Commons license. Can you say oops?

Doctrow gets predictably medieval on SFWA's ass in an internet dust-up that essentially ends with SFWA throwing the current incarnation of the e-piracy committee under the bus.

Then we find out that Doctrow reprints an essay by Ursula K Le Guin under the Creative Commons license. Problem? The essay wasn't printed under any such license, which means Doctrow was guilty of exactly the reverse of the mistake that SFWA had made.

What this all means to me?

A) IP law is broken. (But we knew that.)
B) Everyone is capable of being stupid, and the current IP law facilitates such stupidity.


Steve Buchheit said...

Well, I think it also means Cory better star kissing someone's behind, begging for forgiveness.