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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Plagurizing is Stoopid too

Another story popped up on the web from our favorite Kent, Ohio serial plagiarist sheriff's detective. Two thoughts occur to me.

One: Why is it that he has heard of e-mail, but not spell-checking software? Quoth the article:

When Herman was caught last fall, he confessed his plagiarism in an e-mail full of misspellings to a now-former friend who runs the theater in L.A. that staged the play.

"As you've probably already guessed, I am guilty of plagurizing (sic) ...,'' Herman wrote on Sept. 27 to former Northeast Ohio actor Bill Wolski, whose Torrance, Calif.-based Coconut Productions had opened a production of Herman's Sherlock Holmes play just a few days earlier.

Two: Why does he seem to plagiarize plays based on derivative work? (Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes) Is he so uncreative he can't even steal original work?