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Friday, September 14, 2007

Project Update

Wolfbreed is done, at least until someone buys it and asks for some sort of editorial revision. So I've returned to my long belated Hostile Takeover sequel. If you note the counters I've been keeping, I've removed Wolfbreed and added a counter for the sequel trilogy as a whole in addition to the book I'm working on at the moment.

The really observant might notice that the word count for book one actually dropped. No, I'm not backsliding. I just realized that one of the chapters I had already completed would work a lot better as a beginning for book two. That's why the trilogy counter is higher than the book one counter, even though I usually write things in sequence.

You might also notice that I'm vacillating about the overall title of the sequel trilogy. Current working title is the Apotheosis Trilogy, which is a little less of a mouthful.

Also, teaser for moreau fans: One of the main characters is named Nickolai Rajasthan.


Isa said...

Utterly sweet news about the Hostile Takeover sequel. *So* cool. :D

Aeros51 said...

I've recently finished your Hostile Takeover Omnibus and enjoyed the continuous and brutal suspense from one end to the other. I would like to add my encouragement so the sequel will be as good or better than the original.

A bit off-topic, the link you provided discussing the Russian cover of Forests of the Night put that book and the other two listed on that site (including Profiteer) under the category of "Bakuninstika". I wonder why they would do that, "Svonn"? ;)

S Andrew Swann said...

I suspect that it is the name the publisher gave to the series as a whole. I've always thought the two series as distinct, even though they share a common history. However, there's no telling with the publisher, who only bought the first book of the trilogy and probably pissed off a lot of Russians.

RobRoy said...

Ahh, an excellent teaser for the Rajasthan fans, of which I am definately one.

aeros51 said...

... or the Russians who bought it could be ticked that it's not quite the political anarchistic nihilist tome they thought Bakuninistika is.

I agree with robroy in that it will be interesting to see how the Morey culture has evolved over 300 years, as we only had a taste of it through Hernandez in the last set of novels. And, yeah, I'm a Nohar fan also... who couldn't but like a character that's a mixture of Magnum P.I., Invisible Man (Ralph Ellison's), and Rambo.