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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chugging along. . .

I finally feel as if the Hostile Takeover sequel is moving forward reasonably well. This should make Sheila at DAW happy, she's been waiting for it for an inordinately long time. Wolfbreed aside, I had stalled on the project because I hadn't decided who the main characters were. I had characters all over the place, too separated to make a coherent narrative. What really stalled me was the fact that I didn't realize that this was the problem. . . not until I had set the whole thing aside for a while. Coming back with fresh eyes, all the issues I had were cleared up by taking a couple of chapters and just placing them later on in the book-- in one case, the next book.


aeros51 said...

I once read a book with a plot line that had absolutely nothing to do with the main plot... although I thought all the way to the end that it would somehow end up affecting the main characters in some way. It's probably not a very useful storytelling tool... but it was different.

Thanks for the update.