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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Still Cranking

Hit 40,000 words on Wolfbreed yesterday.

I have noticed one thing, writing this fast, I've managed to overshoot some creative decisions. I've decided that I want to change the setting. I have a more or less generic fantasy background right now, but a good ways in it came to me that since there's only one main fantasy element in the story (and from the title you can probably guess what it is) it would be more effective to relocate the story to some appropriate historical setting.

This shouldn't be as terrifying as it sounds, as the story itself is very tightly focused on a small area and a small group of characters. And I've also done much more drastic rewrites... Omega Game, for instance, was written in first person to start with, and turned into a third-person multiple viewpoint in the final version. I actually wrote a VBA script to change the point-of-view in large segments of the novel...

So my current goal is to hit the 60K mark by tax day.