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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just Because I Could do it

You should know (and if you follow this blog, you do) that the SF Signal Blog maintains a listing of SF authors who blog. Most of these blogs have an RSS feed posted on the page as well. Now a few days ago I ran across the new feature of Yahoo-- Pipes, a geek toy to manipulate, slice, dice, merge and otherwise play with feeds from various sources. Now I got the silly idea, what if it's possible to consolidate all those author blog feeds into one massive stream? So with a side-trip to Feed43 to scrape the feed urls off of the page, I came up with the following "pipe": SF Signal Author Blogs

Warning! Subscribing to this feed is the digital equivalent of drinking from a fire-hose.

ADDENDUM: I wasn't kidding about the fire-hose, the volume of items was causing both Yahoo and Feed43 problems (come on, I was only trying to merge 100+ RSS feeds, what's the problem?)
I did some tweaking (including splitting the source into five separate pipes feeding the main one) and added a parameter to ratchet down on the volume. Should be a little more stable now.


John D. said...

Cool! Thanks, Andrew. I'll make mention of this at SF Signal.