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Monday, July 07, 2008

Random thought for the day. . .

I drive a 12-year old Buick Century, a car that leads to certain expectations— most of which involve liver spots and driving 15 mph down the freeway with the left blinker on. Since I'm a chubby bearded guy with a ponytail, my car's sort of incongruous. (Though cheap as dirt to maintain.)

This is how incongruous. If a cop pulled me over on the way home today and made me pop the trunk, they would have discovered the following items (in no particular order.)

  • a 50 pound bag of senior horse feed.
  • 5 40pound bags of pelleted wood shavings.
  • a couple of books on SQL 2000 implementation.
  • three or four back issues of Fantasy & Science Fiction.
  • a two ton floor jack.
  • a box of polyhedral dice in a repurposed case from a Vic-20 game cartridge.
  • a rulebook for the Serenity role-playing game