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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Metallica = Asshat

UPDATE: At least according to the band, their managers are the clueless asshats. I think they need better management.

I haven't nominated an asshat for awhile, then I came across this little tidbit. And no, this doesn't involve some sort of draconian fan-stomping over who should pay for what. In fact, it has nothing to do with pathologic reactionary grasping onto old business models past the point of obsolescence. That's old news. No, this time we are talking stupidity that can only be described as epic fail.

Shall I posit the following scenario: you're a moderately newsworthy band producing a new album. You invite a number of internet music bloggers to a private party to listen to some rough tracks off the album. No non-disclosure agreements involved. . . What do you think would happen?

Apparently it never occurred to the band in question that said bloggers might actually, you know, blog about it. I mean, who could have seen that coming? They were shocked, shocked I say! Their management responded in a restrained and level-headed manner, blanketing said bloggers with takedown notices and threats of legal action.

Dear Metallica: PR, You're doin it wrong.


RaveBomb said...

In fairness Metallica did realize what their management was doing and put a stop to it.

S Andrew Swann said...

Nice to know they still have a supply of clue. One wonders if the management thought of communicating with their band before acting like complete dickwads, making their clients look bad in the process.

BTW - Link like this.