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Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog Update

I am working hard on the new site, pulling over the Blogger entries as needed. The main time-sink in getting the thing ready is pulling over the old home-page. I didn’t realize how much content was sitting there, all of which I’m trying to integrate into the new Wordpress site. There’re at least two pages (a home page and an excerpt page) for each book, and several complicated interrelationships that require me to touch every page and iron out the links. Upside: it will help me maintain a consistent look for the whole mass of data. Downside: the whole headache of changing the URLs for an established pair of sites. That’s a mess any way you cut it. I will probably have to keep the old pages up indefinitely just to house redirects to the new site.

Along with the new site, and a new look, I will also be changing the blog’s name. There are a number of reasons for it. The site’s no longer going to be “just a blog.” It will house all the professional data you’d expect on a web-savvy author site— data on books, bibliographies, contact info for me, my agent, my publishers, upcoming appearances, books and so on, sample chapters and such, and anything else that might come up in the future. (podcasting, book trailers, who knows?) Secondly, “Off the Pink” is a very particular reference that only applies to a particular series from one of my personas, and I need a more general name that’s still reflective of my work and all my writerly personas. The name I’m pondering at the moment is “Genrewonk.” It still might change before my new web presence goes live, but I am sort of attached to it.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new site. It’s still unfinished, but I’ll start posting links to it when I think it’s reached the level of a “public beta.”


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Your Publicist mentioned she would like to see you incorporate the novel progress bars into the new site somewhere. I'm sure you want to make your publicist happy, right?

RaveBomb said...

I, for one, will miss our "Off The Pink" overlords.

aeros51 said...

I've also come a bit attached to the "Off The Pink" title, but understand that it has to go as a title. Perhaps it can be preserved in a section for special "rants?"

If I may make a suggestion and you are looking ideas for names... one popped into my head: Worldbuilder.

S Andrew Swann said...

Well, Like I said, I am sort of attached to "Genrewonk." While "Worldbuilder" is cool, I think it is a little less general than I want; implying the sort of heavy F/SF element at the expense of the Thriller/Horror/Historical/Icky Romance stuff.