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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SL Economy Addendum

For those interested, I found a really decent article on the economics of Second Life and MMORPGs in general. Thinking about what it is examining more closely, I begin to think that IP and capitalism are more emergent properties in society, and not arbitrary legal frameworks . . .


A_Handel said...

I have to agree with you about the intellectual copyright. It's an issue that as you said emerging technologies will make a bigger issue than it's perceived at present.
It's to more than just entertainment and Napster. IP extends from anything we can and do think of. Whether it's a natural discovery of nature or the use of someone's life story, IP is usually involved.
Even until the last few years copying tv shows from to your VCR or recording something you heard and liked was considered perfectly fine. But now that this process is both easy, prolific and robust it's a problem.
Hypothetically (Please tell me if I sound a bit loopy on this) it may be safe to say that the problem is not with the actual copying. It maybe with the distribution of power/talent instead of the centrally defined power/talent. Nobody see's a well defined line, it could be that the lines from before where flawed or even bogus to begin with.
It's good to see you gave your site a face lift since last I saw it. Sorry for the incoherent rant, but I'm a bit tired.

PS Loved the Moreau series by the way.
PPS I'll try to get back to you on your views on religion too.

RobRoy said...

I was shocked that there were no comments here. I've been reading for about an hour now and find all the posts fascinating, as much as I find the author's current body of work.

Or maybe everyone is just whispering?

Anonymous said...

Here is a podcast you might find interesting if you are looking into Second Life. Maybe just for background...